I started thinking about how to show photos other than an occasional post in social media a while ago.   Then in Sept 2022 I saw an episode of Scott Kelby's The Grid where he and Erik Kuna did a critique of portfolio websites photographers had submitted.   I said to myself, Hey I should/could do that.  
Which led me to Adobe Portfolio on which this is built.   
I might have lost sight of this for a bit as it's now May of 2023 when I'm "finishing" it. 

This is not a portfolio, it's more of a scrapbook of photos I've taken that I Like.  
As an amateur hobbiest I've got a whole  bunch of photos in an Adobe Lightroom catalog from the last 20ish years with a digital camera.    Some of them are even not half bad. 
Before that it was film cameras in the 1990's.  And before that, even more older film from teenage and early adulthood.  Although that adulthood thing is debatable.  
And even before that was developing 120 film and contact printing it through a pyrex glass baking dish in my mom's bathtub.   I didn't give her enough credit and thanks for tolerating me when I could.  

So this is just a fun project.  

And special thanks to:

My wife, Margie Dalton for being a very good sport when I stop or wander off somewhere to take some photos. And also for only sometimes giving me the side-eye when I start talking about something photography related I just Have to Have! 

May 2023
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